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Continued Testing of a UAS Net Capture System

March 20, 2015

The NOAA Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Program in conjunction with AeroVironment and OMAO continue testing of the Puma autonomous shipboard recovery system. This system was tested last Summer onboard the USCGC (Icebreaker) Healy and has benefited NOAA and U.S. Coast Guard by increasing safety and efficiency during Puma operations aboard ships at sea and in the Arctic. UAS operations will be conducted in the Santa Barbara Channel within the National Airspace System 16-20 March 2015 aboard the NOAA R/V Shearwater.

AeroVironment has developed this system for small boats and ships with restricted deck space. The capability to operate the Puma from a ship provides a huge benefit in terms of maritime surveys, aerial surveys and overall situational awareness for ship’s personnel. The net-capture system's development is aimed at ships that are too large to be able to conveniently retrieve Puma from a deep-stall autoland into the water, or when it is too dangerous to recover it from the water like in the Arctic. The recovery system consists of a recovery net, high-accuracy differential GPS (dGPS) airborne and ground station components that provide precision guidance information. A precision approach mode on the autopilot utilizes the high resolution approach information to fly an automated approach to the center of the capture net.

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