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News - NASA Ikhana

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From NPR: High-Tech Drone to Join Battle Against Calif. Flames
NASA's remotely powered Ikhana utilizes onboard infrared sensors to relay data about the fires, via satellite, to firefighters on the ground.

Pilot collects data to use unmanned aircraft
Antelope Valley Press ( - While NASA Dryden Flight Research Center's Ikhana program collects research data for a variety of aeronautical and science experiments, its deputy project manager is collecting data of his own in how to use unmanned aircraft.

Unmanned Ikhana aircraft combats fires
Antelope Valley Press ( - Firefighting agencies tried out a new tool for combating wildfires in the Western United States this summer in a research program conducted out of NASA Dryden Flight Research Center at Edwards Air Force Base.

NASA AND U.S. Forest Service Partner on Wildfire Imaging Mission
NASA's Ikhana, a remotely piloted aircraft adapted for civil missions, is flying its first operational effort during a series of four or five missions over the western states.

NASA Mission Update
WSFM Status Report: Wildfire Imaging Missions Continue on NASA's Ikhana UAV

NASA Wildfire Research and Applications Partnership (WRAP)
2007 Western States UAS Fire Imaging Mission

NASA's pilotless drone aircraft assists in battling Lick Fire
San Jose Mercury News - Ikhana, NASA's pilotless aircraft, flew over the 47,000-acre Lick fire for the first time, transmitting images and information to firefighters below as they battled the blaze into Saturday evening.

Plane has no cockpit, but firefighting potential - Ikhana takes off Wednesday from Edwards Air Force Base in the Mojave Desert.