Sponsored Projects

NOAA's UAS work draws on expertise from industry,
academic, and government partners. This broad coalition
seeks to apply technologies used in national defense - including
high- and low-altitude UAS, communication technologies, and instruments
- to benefit the global environment.


2016 Proposals Selected

Coastline Multi-Purpose Mapping in the NERRS Sentinel Site Network

3D Profiling of the Severe Weather Environment

Advanced VTOL Tech - Protected Species

Evaluation of 3 Tech Mod APH-22

Small UAS Emergency Response Project

Quantifying Juvenile Salmon Restoration

Shipboard Launch & Recovery 10 kg




Ozone monitoring using Skywisp® UAS

Arctic Shield 2013 with U.S. Coast Guard

Marginal Ice Zone EXperiment (MIZOPEX)

River Forecasting Center UAS Missions

Monitoring Marine Debris with UAS

Monitoring Marine Sanctuaries with PUMA UAS